About Us

Jayne Bailey, Owner/Operator
Jayne grew up on a farm in Michigan learning the value of fresh ingredients and good food.  She graduated from Michigan State University as an Art Major and after moving to Washington State gained professional experience working at Gretchen's in Seattle, taking cooking classes, and working at The Ark Restaurant and The Shoalwater Restaurant. Jayne has catered and given cooking classes on the Long Beach Peninsula.  Her first venture in business was the Back Porch Garden Cafe in Ocean Park.

Bob Kelim, Baker
Bob is a long time West Coast resident growing up in Rockaway, Oregon.  His original profession was surveying but he now enjoys making "skin on frame" kayaks and is the baker at Bailey's Bakery and Cafe.  A major change in profession but his technical mind works well when working with recipes and calibrating ovens.

Sunset Magazine: "Settle in at one of five tables in the town's old mercantile for a sandwich, cookies, or - Sunday mornings - a sticky "thunder bun". "

Conscious Choice, article by Crai S. Bower: "The culinary discovery of the trip is made in tiny Nahcotta, . . . Bailey's Bakery and Cafe is discreetly situated beside the post office.  The shingle dangles and wainscot walls feature local artists.  Fresh black bean soup and grilled sandwiches, crafted by Ms. Bailey herself, complete the fantasy, where even the self-service water arrives via tasteful pitcher located in a historical cold locker."

 CoastWeekend: "Breads and baked goods (say, wondrously gooey Thunder Buns) are first-rate, while an array of sandwiches shows some unusual spins - tuna salad sprinkled with marinated artichokes, olives and roasted red peppers."


Open: Wednesday-Sunday

Closed: Monday & Tuesday
P.O. Box 66  •  26910 Sandridge Road   Nahcotta, Washington 98637    360-665-4449  



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